Power of the Suit

Power of the Suit

A great suit says you’re somebody, not just anybody.

Wearing a suit is transformative. Not just physically, giving you broader shoulders and a leaner frame, but mentally too.

It makes you feel empowered, important and ready to take on anything. In fact, Moss Bros. did the research and found that over a third of British men feel most professional and powerful in a tailored suit.

What’s more, 56% of the men surveyed said wearing a suit helps to positively influence the way they are perceived by society. In other words, great tailoring has the power to change how a man sees the world – and how the world sees him. Confident, capable, in control. In the right suit, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Feel the ‘power of the suit’ yourself this season in one of Moss Bros. latest SS18 suits.

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