A fresh new menu..

Landing in store on October 3rd

Hot off the Wok!

autumn is here and the wagamama chefs have been busy perfecting their new fresh + vibrant Japanese inspired creations.

introducing three new ramens to nourish you from bowl to soul, available from 3 October.

new chilli prawn + kimchee ramen

fire up your senses this autumn with wagamama’s new chilli prawn + kimchee ramen. five marinated tail-on prawns and kimchee, delicately balanced on a bed of swirling noodles in a spicy, bubbling broth. 

new miso cod ramen

two seared miso-glazed fillets of cod on a bed of bok choi and noodles, swirling in a light bubbling broth. lift your spirits with every slurp.

new tantanmen ramen

a soulful bowl full. korean barbecue beef brisket, kimchee and half a tea-stained egg, nested on noodles with glistening jewels of chilli oil and floating in an extra rich broth

unleash your inner wok-star this october.

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