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Way back in 1994 we set out on our dream. Inspired by the level of service and attention to detail received at a car wash in Florida during a family trip, we wanted to bring a little bit of the American dream home with us. Spotting a niche for a car wash that went way above and beyond (during a time when ‘cheap and cheerful’ underlined the UK market), we jumped at the opportunity and All American Hand Car Wash was born.

The summer of 95 saw the opening of our first depot on Mount Vernon in Liverpool. It may have been a rubble car park without any signage or facilities but we worked hard, invested in quality products and ensured that every car left us looking as good as new. Our tireless work ethic and enthusiasm for good customer service didn’t go unnoticed and soon we had a loyal customer base that was – and still is – growing by the day.

Based in the North B car park at Swindon Designer Outlet.


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Swindon Designer Outlet is conveniently located for easy access from the M4 motorway, junction 16.

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