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This time, I’ll do it in style

That ‘back to school’ feeling isn’t just for the kids. The end of summer and the start of a new season manages to encourage us all to begin taking some steps (or strides) towards our goals. So if you’re heading back to the gym, a great quality kit will help keep you motivated and up your game.

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Finding great gym wear is a work out in itself. A sports bra that’s supportive but not restrictive? Leggings that you can downward dog in but also keep you cool enough to hit your personal best on the treadmill? Luckily, we have it covered. Shop stylish two pieces or on trend all-in-ones that are supportive and look Instagram-worthy from all the big name brands. Plus we have biker shorts, joggers, hoodies and breathable zip-up tops aplenty for all shapes and sizes.

A killer outfit but for the gym? Absolutely. There’s even research to show that you work out harder and better when you feel good in your gym clothes. So ditch those old leggings that are looking a little worse for wear and channel your inner Olympian.

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First and foremost, gym wear needs to be functional so take some time to consider your personal needs. If you feel the cold - or have muscles that often feel cold to the touch, which can happen if you haven’t exercised for a while - then look for pieces that will keep you warm for running outdoors (or a gym with hardcore air con) and be super comfortable. Alternatively, if you’re a hot yoga fan or find it easy to work up a sweat on the crosstrainer then opt for super lightweight, breathable fabrics that will keep you feeling chill. Don’t forget a great gym bag or backpack that you can carry it all around in too.

Quality is key. Great gym wear will make you look - and perform - at the very top of your game. Did you know that ideally you need different trainers for weight lifting to the ones you use for running and crossfit? When it comes to t-shirts look for the brands that offer high performance microfibre fabrics that move sweat away from the body and help keep your skin dry.