New Art Installation

Hello York

Discover our new ‘Hello York’ mural inspired collaboration with local artist Emma Hardaker.

Art Mural

This spring, be sure to check out our ‘Hello York’ mural by local artist Emma Hardaker.  Located next to the Centre's outdoor play area, this original artwork proudly includes the name of our city in vibrant shades of blue, pink and orange and makes the perfect backdrop to capture those fun-filled summer snaps. Don't forget to tag us in your photos using #yorkdesigneroutlet

Born and bred in Yorkshire, Emma's work is best-known for its abstract style and bright colours. Passionate about creating artwork to be enjoyed by everyone, Emma has taken inspiration from the local community to create this stunning colourful piece of art in our Centre.

“ After a year which has taught us the importance of the community around us, we’re proud to be unveiling our installation with local artist Emma Hardraker in celebration of the vibrancy of York. The artwork  brightens up the centre whilst also showcasing our support for the arts and culture sector. We really look forward to you seeing it during the summer months and beyond!”

Paul Tyler, Centre Manager
Art Mural

About - Emma Hardaker

Emma Hardaker is an Artist and Designer best known for her bold, abstract style and passion for participation and working in the public realm. Her practice borders between design and socially engaged art, believing that artists and designers can play a part in contributing towards the quality of life for communitites and the build enviroment they live and play in.  

Learn more about the work of Emma Hardaker on her website here
The artwork is vibrant and bold in homage to the wonderful city of York and it has been such a pleasure to be involved in creating this work for the centre.
I love creating unexpected art encounters in the public realm, like this one and look forward to seeing how people engage with the work and hope it will bring some joy to the visitors at McArthurGlen!”

Emma Hardaker, Artist

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