Fred Perry

Fred Perry

Original Since 1952

The brand founded by triple Wimbledon champion Fred Perry in 1952 and adopted by generations of British subcultures ever since.

It's not about pulling on a shirt, it's a rite of passage.

Coats and Jackets

Austin Jacket

The track jacket encouraged the evolution of sportswear as streetwear and took centre stage when Britpop embraced its retro styling in the ‘90s. Made from a tricot fabric that replicates an original from our archive, this version is given an all-over camo design and tonal detailing. Originally the pattern of the military, camouflage subsequently made its way into the mainstream, as music-driven subcultures adopted it as part of their style. Today we reimagine the pattern in contemporary colours.

Cropped Fishtail Parka

The fishtail parka was part of the uniform for the early mods. Reclaimed from army surplus shops and worn on scooter rides, the coat was used as protection against the elements. The navy colourway is a modern take on classic military green.


Micro Bomber Tipped V-Neck

The V-neck jumper was originally designed in the ‘50s for warming up on the tennis court. It was subsequently worn by subcultural icons and adopted by teenagers as part of their own personal look. The perfect frame for the collar and button placket of a shirt, the V-neck was further appropriated as a statement of classroom rebellion. Like their older siblings, the kids wore the Laurel Wreath to bend the rules without breaking them. Made in a premium-quality cotton, the micro stripe detail at the neck and cuff references the tipping of our tennis bomber. 

Tipped Knitted Shirt

Originally designed in the ‘60s, the knitted sports shirt bridged life on and off the court, as our sportswear designs crossed over into leisurewear. It was about being smart, but a different kind of smart to the generation that had come before, as people started to escape the formal wear of the previous decade. Taking its design details from the Fred Perry shirt, our knitted shirt is made with a piqué texture, branded buttons and tipping at the collar and cuff. 

Piqué Shirts, T-Shirts and Woven Shirts

Summer Tartan Shirt

Different tartans were originally worn as a symbol of the wearer’s clan, signifying the life of the gentry and the wearer’s long and noble heritage. The adoption of tartan into streetwear in the ‘60s was a metaphorical two fingers to the establishment. Featuring here on our button-down shirt, tartan continues to be worn as part of the subcultural uniform.

Chest Panel Piqué Shirt

The piqué shirt was the first chapter in the Fred Perry story and it remains at the core of everything we do. Reimagined with different design details, our piqué shirts can always be recognised from across the room, dance floor or football stadium by the Laurel Wreath that’s proudly embroidered on its chest. This version features a contrast chest panel that looks back to vintage cycling jerseys and bold team colours. Our traditional button placket is swapped for a metal zip: another reference to sports jerseys. Typically, cycling jerseys were worn unzipped to let the rider cool down during up-hill terrains. Our version is designed to be worn zipped to the top.


Camo Print Track Pants

Made in the same tricot fabric as our classic track jacket, our track pants feature a Laurel Wreath and camouflage sports tape down the leg. Originally the pattern of the military, camouflage subsequently made its way into the mainstream, as music-driven subcultures adopted it as part of their style. The traditional pattern features on our track pant in dark, tonal colours.

Classic Twill Chino

Referencing our sportswear pieces, a contrast sports tape is bound along the leg seam inside the trouser – or outside if you roll them up at the bottom. Our trademark twin tipping also appears inside the waistband in the signature 5-4-4 ratio. 

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