7 Decades 7 Icons

GANT celebrates its 70 Year Anniversary #7decades7icons #gant

In 2019 GANT celebrates 70 years of innovation, inspiration and learning. Seven decades that shaped modern American sportswear and created seven icons. The story begins in 1949....

The Chino Pant is a great addition to any preppy
wardrobe and a classic icon for every occasion. When
GANT launched their chino, the brand attributed them
with innovative features such as crinkle-resistant fabrics
and all the comfort and function one might need for
an active lifestyle. In the last few years, GANT has also
added Tech PrepTM features to some, affording them
stretch, breathability and active moisture-wicking

When young American soldiers returned home after
World War II, they sported the new uniform of Chinos
and Button-Down Shirts – they had learned to love the
simple and functional clothes found in the armed forces.
The Chino suddenly became one of the most important
components of the preppy look on all campuses, and a
key piece for the American East Coast style.

Through the years, up to the present day, the Chino has
been the perfect mix of casual and elegant, perfect
for both the country getaway and the casual office

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