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Since 1970, Fred de la Bretoniere has believed in the power of every woman. Every woman is unique. Fred wants to bring out the individuality in every woman by presenting her in a casual elegant way. The iconic designs with an elegant look and wide range of choice contributes to this.

Shabbies Amsterdam is the younger sister of Fred de la Bretoniere. This younger sister is focused on and inspired by the strong idiosyncratic woman and has been since 2004. Compared to Fred's, the Shabbies collection is more 'shabby', tough and nonchalant. The designs ensure that the wearer stands strong and feels tough, confident and beautiful.

Each shoe and bag from these two brands are designed with love for the shoemaker's craft and with an excellent eye for detail. All products are made with the most beautiful and best leathers that retain their purity as much as possible.


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Fred De La Bretoniere, Shabbies Amsterdam

Fred de La Bretoniere, Shabbies Amsterdam

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