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Levi's® opens the doors of its 350m² store, designed in the new Indigo concept, on new location.  A large assortment of jeans, pants, tops, accessories and underwear invites you to discover new favorite pieces. You will also find an exclusive selection of the Levi's® Kids collection.

In a season that is characterized by excess and waste, we are encouraging a more considered approach to gift giving, one defined by thoughtfulness at every stage of this holiday ritual: from when to shop, to the gifts we buy and even how we wrap them.

And what is better? It’s better clothes, always in style and made to last. Better choices that are made with the planet in mind. And better gifts that the people you love will love.




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Le Designer Outlet Roermond est situé dans le centre historique de la ville de Roermond, à seulement 45 minutes de route d'Eindhoven et de Maastricht, et est facilement accessible par les transports en commun.

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