Caput mundi: its citizens and its visitors know that Rome is the centre of the world. Not just because this city has the highest concentration of historical and architectural sites than any other, and that its historical centre is a UNESCO world heritage site.


  • Rome, the Eternal City

    Rome, the Eternal City

    The importance of the role Rome played in history and its unmistakeable charm make it a very moving city to experience.

    Every corner of Rome is worthy of admiration, but if you haven’t got time, here are some must-see places:

    • The Colosseum (one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World)
    • Piazza Navona, with Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers
    • The Pantheon
    • Piazza di Spagna, with the famous ‘Spanish steps’ and the high streets
    • The Trevi Fountain
    • The Roman Forums
    • Campidoglio and the Capitoline museums
    • Vatican City, the official headquarters of the Holy See
  • Scenic Squares

    Scenic Squares

    • Piazza San Pietro: one of the most striking squares that, with its colonnade, Bernini's masterpiece, welcomes millions of faithful who visit it every year.
    • Piazza del Popolo: emblem and intersection point of the main streets of Rome is certainly one of the most elegant squares where you can find animated expositions, shows and games.
    • Piazza di Spagna: famous all over the world and sophisticated thanks to the magnificent staircase where stands the church Trinita dei Monti, is a must for every tourist as well as the place where high fashion brands like Gucci, Bulgari and Valentino have chosen to raise their flagship stores.
    • Piazza Navona: place of old athletic contests and competitions of various kinds, is now home to street artists, painters and portraitists. Suggestive during the Christmas time in which lights up and is filled with stalls selling sweets, crafts and figurines for the nativity scene. The typical market invades the square until the descent of the Befana in the night between the 5th and 6th of January. Don't miss the Fountain of the "Fiumi" and the church of St. Agnese in Agone.

  • Breathtaking Terraces

    Breathtaking Terraces

    • Terrazza del Pincio: one of the most beautiful terraces that from Piazza del Popolo offers a beautiful view of the historic center of Rome (San Pietro and Castel Sant'Angelo), besides to a beautiful sunset behind Monte Mario.
    • Giardino degli aranci: placed on one of the finest hills of Rome, the Aventino, Savello Park (better known as the "Giardino degli Aranci") offers a wonderful view of Rome that goes by the bight of the Tevere river to Basilica San Pietro. The name is given by the trees that were planted in memory of San Domenico, who founded his monastery here.
    • Gianicolo: undoubtedly is one of the most romantic places in Rome. The Gianicolo rises behind Trastevere and extends to the Basilica San Pietro by offering a breathtaking view: the gaze is lost on roofs, ancient ruins, monuments and baroque domes until it touches the hills surrounding the city. We would definately recommend the Tempietto of Bramante, perhaps the best example of Renaissance architecture in Rome, while for lovers of nature surely shouldn't miss the "Orto Botanico", with over 8,000 species of plants.

  • Roma Pass

    Roma Pass

    Roma Pass is the cultural tourist card that offers discounts and services to tourists and other visitors to enjoy the beauties of Rome.

    By purchasing "Roma Pass" at a cost of 34.00€ you will have:

    • Free admission to the first 2 visited museums and/or archaeological sites of your choice and consecutive
    • Reduced ticket prices to all other museums and/or archaeological sites
    • Free entry to the following museums: Museum of the Roman Republic and the memory of Garibaldi, Museo Bilotti in Villa Borghese, Museo Canonica, Museo delle Mura, Napoleonic Museum and Villa di Massenzio (during the life of the Roma Pass, in addition to 2 free tickets)
    • Free access to transportation included in the offer
    • Discounted tickets to exhibitions, events and partner services (Roma Pass Guide)

    The kit "Roma Pass" includes:

    • Roma Pass card: the card used to visit the museum and access to the public transport system
    • Roma MAP: Map with Tourist Information Points, Metro stations, museums / sites (address, phone, buses and underground stations, timetables)
    • Roma Pass Guide: The guide to museums / sites
    • Rome passe: the card with the activation code of the App to download the best of the city
    • Roma Informa: the card access via the Internet to information on events and services useful

    Roma Pass
  • Jubilee Card

    Jubilee Card

    JubileeCard is the discount tourist card to visit Rome and throughout Italy:

    • benefits and discounts for hotels, restaurants, monuments and museums,
    • entertainment, shopping and more.

    JubileeCard costs only € 7. You can buy this card on line and with JubileeCard you’ll get an extra 10% off on prices already reduced by 30% to 70% in more than 150 stores of Castel Romano Designer Outlet.

    Jubilee card

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