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Venice and the seaside of Jesolo are just minutes away from McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Noventa di Piave in Noventa di Piave along the Venice-Trieste motorway; Treviso and Padua are also just a little over a half-hour drive: the shopping+tourism formula has never offered so much!


  • Noventa and the Lower Piave River Area

    Noventa and the Lower Piave River Area

    Noventa is located on the left bank of the Piave, the “river of the Italians”, which in this location is a sight for the eyes with all its flowing charm: a two-kilometre river walk, the boat bridge, the stele as a tribute to Ernest Hemingway being wounded in the Great War. And in the municipal museum of this town, a crossroads of art and history, it is possible to admire previous archaeological finds and two splendid mosaics from the Roman era. These finds were discovered at the archaeological site of San Mauro which also has a religious establishment dating back to the Middle Ages that was constructed on the overlayered remains of two previous settlements, one from the late-ancient period (4th century A.D.) and one from the Roman period, dating back to the second half of the first century B.C. The church of San Mauro is a must-see, with its suggestive fresco by Tiburzio Donadon and the “villas” around the centre, magnificent residences of the noble families of Venice, “La Serenissima”.
  • "La Serenissima" and its lagoon

    "La Serenissima" and its lagoon

    The most beautiful city in the world is thirty minutes away from McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Noventa di Piave: Venice, sublime place whose magic is a source of inspiration for all the arts, fashion and the film industry. Nobody in the world has not dreamt of visiting it, to get lost amongst its never-ending canals, bridges and tiny islands or to become enmeshed in the sensuality of its Carnival time, in the harmony of its huge square dominated by St. Mark’s campanile and basilica and by the Ducal palace, by the majesty of the Grand Canal and Rialto bridge.

    You can breathe in the air of one thousand years of extremely refined culture amongst the innumerable “campi” and “campielli” (squares and open areas), amongst the aristocratic palazzos that inspired none other than Shakespeare, Thomas Mann, Vivaldi, Tiepolo, Luchino Visconti and Federico Fellini, to name a few. Culture is alive and well and spread all over the world thanks to the “Venice Biennale” and to the Venice film festival.

    Like a splendid diadem, with Venice as the incomparable diamond, the Venetian lagoon offers visitors unique colours and atmospheres: the islands of Burano, Torcello and Murano with its “artistic glass” made throughout the centuries for all the royalty round the world, are absolute must-see destinations if you want to sink into the mysterious legend of Venice.
  • Lido di Jesolo

    Lido di Jesolo

    For summer visitors one of Europe’s most famous beaches lies only 25 kms from McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Noventa di Piave: Lido di Jesolo, a 15-kilometre stretch of golden sand right near Venice, and the annual seaside destination for 5 million tourists from all over Europe and the world. The bubbliest summer party scene in Italy, with the biggest and most spectacular water park on the peninsula, great events and fantastic entertainment make Jesolo one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Veneto region.
  • Treviso and March of Treviso

    Treviso and March of Treviso

    In the past it was Tarvisium, ancient Roman city on the Via Postumia, then a flourishing medieval town and lastly the provincial capital of the hinterland of the Republic of Venice. Now Treviso, 35 minutes away from McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Noventa di Piave, suggestive “Urbs Picta” with its splendid frescoed homes, characteristic canals, porticoes and ancient monuments is indicated as one of the Italian cities with the highest quality of life. A city of art with plenty of historical and cultural background it is the capital of the March of Treviso zone, with food and wine excellences known throughout the world: from the famous Prosecco wine to the valued red radicchio of Treviso, from Casatella to the “drunken” Formajo imbriago cheese, from asparagus to cured meats and of course the sweets with the beloved tiramisu triumphing.
  • Padua and the Colli Euganei

    Padua and the Colli Euganei

    Padua and its elegant town centre, 45 minutes away from McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Noventa di Piave, each year offers splendid historical, cultural and artistic testimonies to millions of tourists and thousands of pilgrims heading to the Basilica of S. Antonio. Padua is a major European economic town and houses one of the most extraordinary and revolutionary masterpieces of world art: Giotto’s cycle of frescoes in Scrovegni Chapel.

    Padua is the site of a prestigious, old university and boasts one of the oldest university botanical gardens in the world: the “Giardino dei semplici”, or garden of the simples, established in 1545 on an area of almost 22 thousand square metres and containing more than 6000 plants. It was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1997. A few kilometres from Padua, the regional park of the Euganei hills offers visitors to the Designer Outlet a dive into the most genuine wellbeing: in the famous spa centres, in the golf and sports facilities and along the many nature trails.
  • Verona and Lake Garda

    Verona and Lake Garda

    With its incredible artistic and cultural heritage, Verona is not just a point of arrival or of fleeting passage – it is a starting point for a province just waiting to be discovered, with the charming views of its historical centre – listed as a World Heritage Site with its hidden remains, invisible on a hurried tour, to one of the most beautiful manifestations of nature – Lake Garda – only a few kilometres away, enrapturing visitors with the colour of the lake water and the olive groves growing all over the hillsides. It’s just a short step to get to the lush expanses of vineyards from the Valpolicella and its villas. Then the climb up to the regional nature reserve of Lessinia with its woods, Alpine dairy farms and snowy peaks.

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