Marina Militare

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The marina Militare emblem, also known as JACK, embodies the heraldic flags dated to the  early beginning  of year 1000 of the  maritime republics: Venezia, Genova, Pisa Amalfi. The jack, tightly knitted within the Italian three colors flag witnesses the Italian history with its roots and peace bearing traditions. A most coveted and prestigious agreement has been reached with the Admiralty of the Italian navy by ICCAB srl as an exclusive licensee for the production and marketing of a full comprehensive line of  premium quality clothing and a variety of accessories. Inspiration, as perceived by the mighty  very symbol of the Italian Navy, made out of  history prestige passion values honor and loyalty all of this naturally framed within sky and oceans is the driving force in the creations of  our collections  sportswear Men, women, kids. The jack, that decorates our garments, exudes  stories of deep emotions, lifestyle  behaviors in a true belief of belonging  and carrying forward the heritage and culture, while staying in par  with fashionable trends. All the Marina Militare collections sportswear, retain a total look concept, fabricated with highest quality fibers in total compliance with respect to the environment. A perfect every days look for all occasion shrouded  with an unmistakable and authentic look.

Marina Militare

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