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The Esprit brand was founded in 1963 by Susie Russell and her then-husband Douglas Tomplins. Esprit is a clothing brand and is published by Esprit Inc. In addition to clothing, the company also makes shoes and jewellery. Esprit clothing is now sold in 44 countries and the company has 630 stores of its own. Over twenty thousand products have been designed over the years.

Esprit stands for inspiring styles, which are made with great love for detail from firs-class material. Esprit is available for women, men and children. With its versatile range of clothing and accessories, the brand brings the latest fashion trends. With items in many different styles, colours and designs. Esprit has clothing for every occasion, both in casual models and more for business. The combination of sustainability, modern designs and the characteristic ‘feel and look good’ look of the label makes Esprit popular with many people.

In addition, Esprit strives not only for the comfort and casual style of its products, but also for sustainable clothing. That is why the company is increasingly committed to working with organic cotton and the use of recycled materials for more sustainable clothing production, so that as a wearer of the unique Esprit clothing you are not only assured of a perfect fit and an innovative design, but also of the inspiring vision of a reliable label.


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