Van Gils

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Van Gils is a Dutch menswear brand that was founded in 1948. It started as a noble endeavour and grew into a worldwide beloved men’s fashion brand. To this day, van Gils’ tailored collection is characterized by quality, unique details and a distinct style. Believing that every man feels confident in a stylish suit, Van Gils offers perfectly cut suits and more at an affordable price.

The Van Gils collection is known for craftsmanship. Van Gils wants to make the man’s life extraordinary because the man exudes confidence when he wears the right clothes. The Van Gils collection is recognizable by the beautiful details and the perfect fit. Consider, for example, a Van Gils Vest, a beautiful Van Gils blazer or a good Van Gils winter jacket. Van Gils offers all kinds of clothing, such as beautiful van Gils sweaters or stylish Van Gils jackets. Of course, the brand is best known for the Van Gils suits.
In addition, Van Gils stands for sustainability and brand only works with suppliers who are SA8000 certified. This certificate stands for corporate responsibility. The goods coming from this supplier contain the BSCI mark. This organization aims to improve working conditions worldwide.


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