Spotlight on Sportswear

New season sportswear to set your pulse racing

From running shoes and HIIT essentials to yoga gear with room to breathe, whatever your exercise style, find the perfect kit with sportswear for up to 70% less.


For Running

For Him 

Get a head start on your New Year running regime with sporting essentials to enhance your performance. Keep your gait strong with technical trainers from the likes of Nike and Adidas, and give gusty days the run-around with a Odlo insulated jacket. For added motivation on those bitter winter mornings, layer on lightweight thermals from PUMA under your running shorts and show the elements what you’re made of. 


For Her 

Smash your PB this year, with sportswear and accessories that are engineered to give you every advantage. From Under Armour running shorts in moisture-wicking materials, to trainers from Asics that boost your running ability, breeze your 5K target with running gear from brands the professional athletes trust. Turn up your running playlist with rain-resistant headphones and prepare to leave your previous times in your wake, all while saving up to 70%. 


For Home Workout/HIIT

For Him 

Whether working out at home or with a HIIT trainer, give your sessions everything you’ve got, with sportswear that enhances athletic ability. Stay stable on your feet with a pair of under Armour trainers, and keep tabs on your timings (along with your heartbeat) with a fitness watch. For maximum movement, Adidas shorts and tops in performance fabrics will ensure you stay agile and at peak temperature.  


For Her 

Make every second of those at-home HIIT sessions count, with leggings, tops and shorts that are tailor-made for aerobic exercise. From the latest high-technology fabrics from the likes of Asics and Under Armour, to sports watches that track your performance, you’ll reach your goals in record time. Stay cool when the heat is on with moisture-wicking socks and give your feet a firm grip with Nike trainers that will always keep you grounded. 


For Yoga

For Him 

Lighten up your New Year yoga classes, with breathable tops, vests and shorts from the likes of Under Armour to help you reach new heights of flexibility. Take your wide legged stance a little deeper with joggers from PUMA’s latest arrivals. Stay in the zone and enjoy unencumbered movement, with lightweight layers from Adidas, and breathe easy with vests from Nike that keep you perfectly centred all Namaste.  


For Her 

Find your flow this season with yoga wear to help you release your inner warrior. Stay perfectly still in tree pose with lightweight vests from Nike, and keep your composure while holding plank with stretchy leggings from the likes of Adidas. Under Armour´s latest yoga arrivals are sure to give you space to breathe, while loose fitting trousers from O´Neill are all you need to push your pose to next level.   

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