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Welcome to Kamps - the German Bäckerei!

What is a 'Bäckerei', you might ask? lt's simple - 'Bäckerei' is German for bakery.
But for Kamps, it's about much more than simply baking bread. lt's about the German culture of baking and the absolute devotion to craftsmanship and quality that goes with it.

From the fascination that comes from watching a loaf of bread rise in the oven to enjoying the unique aroma of the sweet treats our bakers lovingly craft by hand, Kamps is about experiencing German baking culture with all your senses. That's why they bake directly in front of you in their Bäckerei. All day, every day.

Experience the joy that only a piping hot bun or exquisitely crafted pastry can bring. At Kamps - the German Bäckerei.


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The outlet is located directly on the B5. From Berlin, we can be reached by car in just 30 minutes.

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