Our local community

With an investment of €165 million, our new designer outlet in Remscheid will drive long-term benefits for our local community and economy: through employment creation, tourism development and the provision of a state-of-the-art leisure and entertainment space for all the family.

More than 800 high quality new jobs will be created in retail, catering and property services, supported by training in customer service, language and business skills.

Working in close partnership with the city of Remscheid and the surrounding district, the centre will focus on attracting both short and long-haul tourism to the region’s first and only designer outlet. 

Our goal is to deliver a long-term architectural and urban enhancement to the old town area of Lennep, the city of Remscheid and the wider region – and an attractive leisure space for the community, both today and for future generations to come.

Further information on the project, the city of Remscheid and the local community can be found on the city of Remscheid’s website here.