Tara Jarmon new store opening

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Visit our new Tara Jarmon store, to be always chic with a Parisian feminine touch.

An encounter between a businessman, David Jarmon, and a young and lovely Canadian student, Tara.Together, they combined their talents and gave birth to a project: a line of women's ready-to-wear clothing. While he manages the business, she is in charge of the design and gives the brand her name and sprit. A brand is born.

The Tara Jarmon girl plays with trends and her favorite style of the moment!

Tara Jarmon’s style is unique, sassy and truly feminine, the quintessence of the famous “French chic with a twist”. It lies in a careful mix of colours, prints and beautiful cuts, combined with Parisian elegance. Carefully crafted details and fabric quality bring exquisite touches to each piece.

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