McArthurGlen's Honey

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McArthurGlen Roubaix

Our bees have made you a wonderful honey !

McArthurGlen Roubaix

The little history...

The McArthurGlen Centre has decided to set up hives to contribute to animal biodiversity by helping bees return to the city. But above all, it means participating in plant biodiversity. And yes! 80% of flowering plants are pollinated by bees. These two causes fall within the scope of the Sustainable Development, Environmental and Species Protection components.

Most plants need the intervention of pollinating insects such as bees to reproduce. A large part of these plants, vegetables, fruit trees, is the basis of our diet. One third of the world's resources are the result of pollination by bees, the main pollinator.

Without the pollinating activity of bees, our diet would be sad and unbalanced !

For a gift or your own pleasure, know that the Honey produced by our bees is exclusively reserved for you !

The sale

You can come and buy the Honey produced by McArthurGlen Roubaix at the reception desk of our centre. The extraction of the Honey was done on September 25... Don't wait any longer, 250 jars are available to awaken your taste buds !

The Le Creuset shop offers you a complementary sale at the reception of the centre: the honey pot and the boxwood spoon for €17.50. (Single pot sold for €17.50 at McArthurGlen price in store instead of €25).

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