Salomon and ski equipment...a story that has lasted since 1947!

Run down the slopes in total look Salomon!

Originally a specialist in the manufacture of wood saws and ski diamonds in Annecy, Salomon is renowned for designing ingenious materials for all ski enthusiasts. Over the years, Salomon has developed various methods of fastening, then the shoes, to launch its first skis in 1990.

The brand allows sports and outdoor enthusiasts to push their limits with innovative equipment, allowing them to progress and launch new challenges while enjoying sports activities: snowboarding, hiking, mountaineering, trail-running, alpine skiing… It’s time to gear up at Salomon’s!

Who says you can’t be stylish on the ski slopes?

This year, to be the most stylish on the snow, the watchword is: superposition! Opt for the life-coloured thermal turtleneck garment, which will brings comfort, lightness and cheerfulness to your outfit, combined with the essential equipment of the skier: the jacket. While some riders will dare to run down the slopes in bright and colourful tones, from lemon yellow to pink, the discreet ones will still be able to wear a shade of blue.

Finally, complete your look with the sunglasses or the mask of your choice, with lightness, resistance and undeniable style, for optimal protection against the sun!

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