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In Greek mythology Zeus, -the father of Gods and Men- and Dione, one of the daughters of Oceanus, gave birth to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and eternal youth.
Today Zeus+Δione is a luxury brand that features exclusive handmade products of refined and rare craftsmanship, inspired by the diachronic beauty and unparalleled richness of the Hellenic Heritage. In collaboration with selective and handpicked entities such as manufacturers, small workshops, artists and designers from all over Greece, Zeus+Δione brings to light secrets of long-hold technicians and transforms the sublime Greek style and precious culture to a contemporary form of design.
Clean crisp and minimal lines, - a reminiscence of the Doric Order- , and the finest handmade details, - a heritage of the long Hellenic tradition-, add an air of eclectic uniqueness  that is the core of the brand.
All products are made with premium materials and rare techniques used by Greek artisans and local workshops with a long tradition and expertise in their craft. Silk and cotton pieces are weaved on traditional looms in the town of Soufli known for the silk industry which has a long history dated from the Byzantine ages. Hand crochet items are knitted by local women in Attica and other parts of Greece. Silver handmade fastenings are wielded by Athenian silversmiths. Dresses and shirts are weaved in Metsovo and in Crete. Embroideries based on traditional patterns are stiched by artisans on the island of Crete.

Zeus+Δione is addressing to all those who recognize quality and seek something special and rare; to all those who are captivated by the caliber of design and further inspired by the heritage and the human touch behind the collection.
Zeus+Δione is a company based on a myth and creating one at the same time.
The Symbol Δ
The Greek letter Delta (Δ) is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and is commonly seen as an isosceles triangle. The versatility of this shape is what captures themes of magic, wonder, spirituality, divinity, prosperity, harmony and creativity.
There is no symbol more important in its significance, more various in its application, or more generally diffused throughout the cultures, than the triangle. The isosceles triangle appears to have been adopted by nearly all the nations of antiquity as a symbol of the Deity and according to Ancient Greeks, the triangle is symbolic of a doorway.
Opening the doorway into time, in its trinity of past-present-future, Zeus+Δione gets inspired by precious elements of the rich Hellenic heritage (past), revisits them with a modern eye (present) and transforms them into exquisite artistic creations with a universal, timeless statement (future).


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