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A history with roots dating back to 1928. The history begun by two handlooms in the heart of Monferrato in the Piedmont - an enterprising family who over the years has been able to grow the brand maintaining the quality and value of its products.

In the eighties Andre Maurice is recognized all over Italy as the leading brand in the production of knitwear in angora and starts the project of the  "Factory of Cashmere". The production takes an industrial level.

In 2008 inauguration of new factory. 30,000 square meters of which 10,000 are covered. The whole production process is redesigned to get the highest efficiency. In 2009 Andrè Maurice introduces in its own stores the "Cashmere total look". Coats, suits , bags and even shoes. Once élite product, Cashmere becomes now part of the everyday life of Andrè Maurice consumer.


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