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32 Via dei birrai, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, has become an international brand and is embarking on an exciting new adventure at the Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet.

The brand’s history and experience are contained in this concept store whose cleverly designed, custom-built space showcases only the best in Italian design. All the 32 beers are on display, and visitors can enjoy them either on their own or in original pairings with almost gourmet dishes. 32’s values are conveyed perfectly in the food: a truly sensory experience, carefully selected ingredients and the desire to constantly innovate. A world where design meets pleasure. Irony, imagination and free interpretation. Anything could happen, excitement guaranteed!

The choice of the gastronomic offer is aligned with the business philosophy: only high quality and organic ingredients from selected local suppliers. Toast bread is made with dark grain, an antique and organic grain variety from Castelvetrano. Grinding is carried out in stone to keep the organoleptic properties of wheat intact: low gluten content and low glycemic index, rich in protein, fibers and mineral salts. Bread with poppy seeds is vegan, as it is made without milk. The extra virgin olive oil used comes from an olive oil mill in the Garda area. Particular care has been devoted to the realization of the recipes, studied and balanced by Giulia Donaj to ensure taste and high digestibility.


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Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet is conveniently located for easy access from Venice, Treviso and the Adriatic Coast.

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