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Exuberant but not excessive.
Not scared to take a risk.
A great desire to establish herself but never a slave to fashion.
This is the woman envisaged by Alessia Santi in the collections created for Manila
Grace. A woman that is not aggressive but who loves to be in the saddle.
Collection after collection, long before her current success, Alessia Santi has never
been afraid to underline a basic concept: her fashion is all about contamination and
overlap and, above all, her creations are movement.
Asymmetries, hems that dart off all of a sudden, clean lines that are broken, volumes
that expand because they fold over themselves, pleats that almost create blasts of
wind in the fabrics, all fit with the concept of being unstoppable.
The same unstoppable nature possessed by Alessia Santi, as strong as the women she
designs for, born in Cento 39 years ago, daughter of a land where eccentricity and
concreteness are two sides of the same coin.
As concrete as the colours she uses in her often deconstructed forms, not only using a
palette that ranges from deep earthy colours to ice and turtledove, from claret to
wengé and Oro Roma yellow, but always choosing fabrics that can be dyed and
re-dyed, expertly stained, interwoven, mixed, knotted.
“Sometimes they think I’m mad at the dyeworks – reveals Alessia with a smile.
The fabrics can almost seem defective at first sight.
Then you realise all the work that has gone into them, the ability for example to have
vivid colours without forgoing a kind of patina produced by time that gives them an
almost second-hand and certainly more authentic look, or to produce greige fabrics
that are then destroyed in my own particular way. A fabric must tell a story. I need
tactility and softness, my fashion must not demand obedience;
on the contrary, it must provide company".

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