Personalise your favourite Jimmy Choo Shoes

Jimmy Choo introduces CHOO x YOU, a playful way to personalise a curated offer of shoes and bags.


Introducing Jimmy Choo's new personalisation service featuring sparkling Swarovski crystal letters, symbols and phrases, allowing you to create bespoke Jimmy Choo shoes and bags. It's CHOO, by you.

Whether it’s your ABCs or your 123s the custom alphabet of letter, number and symbol options are encrusted with crystals to decorate across sneakers, pumps and bags.

Presented in a curated palette of colours the CHOO x YOU alphabet is available in large (3.5mm tall) and small (2.8mm), whilst most of the symbols are available in S/M/L. Words are offered in one size.

jimmy choo x you sneakers

Personalise your sneakers, pumps and bags with alphabet of letters, numbers and symbol options that are encrusted with sparkling SWAROVSKI crystals.

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