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The Ecco brand was founded in 1963 by Birte and Karl Toosbuy. They started a shoe factory in Denmark, and soon grew into one of the world’s leading quality brands in the shoe industry. Ecco designs shoes from a profound understanding of the functioning of the human foot. The innovative melting technique has contributed to the success. Just like the beloved Danish design and traditional craftsmanship, which is still part of the production process. In addition to traditional techniques, Ecco continues to invest in new production materials and techniques. Because an Ecco shoe must offer optimal comfort, not only in terms of fit, but also the material used must be of the highest possible quality.

The Danish design of Ecco shoes is part of a design legacy where form, function and simplicity play the main role. Each design should add to the whole of the shoe and add something to the comfort, style or fit. This does not mean that all Ecco shoes are based on Danish design, but that the comfort of the shoe is leading in every design.


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