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The Danish brand Only was founded in 1995. Since then, the brand has grown into a well-known jeans and clothing brand for young women. Only aims for fun, wearable fashion for everyone. Hip and young, full of fun, colourful and creative. The designers of the brand find it important that you bring quality into your home, so that you feel more confident and that it is easy to put together nice outfits. Only mainly makes clothing based on classic designs. These all get a modern touch, but in general only remains very neutral. This allows you to effortlessly combine different items from the collection.

Only clothing has a perfect fit and whether you wear it during the week or on the weekend, only has clothing for every moment. In addition to daily basics such as T-shirts, jeans and tops, you will also find items with this brand that make a statement. Dresses, jumpsuits and blouses are also part of the range. A large part of the designs have a neutral look with a solid colour and not too striking details, but here and there you will find a piece of clothing with a unique look. Open shoulders, a striking neck or cheerful ruffles all pass by. There is also plenty of choice for sports enthusiasts. Only makes swimwear, but also timeless sports items that feel very comfortable. Because of the quality fabrics with which items from only are made, they keep their shape well, so you can enjoy your Only clothing for years!


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