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The German brand WMF has been making tableware for more than 150 years. The brand ensures that preparing, cooking, eating and drinking is a true experience. WMF is recognized worldwide for quality products such as coffee makers, pans, kitchen knives and cutlery. In addition, WMF responds to the latest trends in cooking and dining. The WMF is so versatile that both small households and large families can make the right choices for their interior design. All products of the brand are of the best material, the functionality has been tested and the quality convinces even professional chefs.

WMF focuses, among other things, on pans. The brand’s pans are available in stainless steel, with or without a non-stick coating, and in aluminium with a non-stick coating. The use of Cromargan stainless steel makes them durable, resistant to scratches and bumps and they can withstand high temperatures. WMF also offers an extensive collection of top quality cutlery sets. The WMF cutlery is made of Cromargan and is extremely resistant to traces of use. It is even more resistant to scratches than normal stainless steel. Polished surfaces remain glossy, matte surfaces remain matte.
Are you a real tea or coffee lover? WMF also has fine kettles and coffee makers. The WMF coffee machines bring the professional WMF quality to your home and with the kettles you can make the most delicious tea in no time. In short: with WMF enjoying you dinner, lunch or just a delicious cup of coffee becomes even easier.




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