New Art Installation

Celebrating the heritage of Ashford

Discover our new mural inspired collaboration with local artist Lionel Stanhope

Art Mural

This summer, be sure to check out our new mural by local artist Lionel Stanhope. 


The eye catching piece of art is located near to the Centre's adventure playground, this original artwork has been inspired by old London Network Rail signs whilst capturing the beauty of the flowers of the Kentish countryside and our very own living wall – which did we mention is Europe’s largest!


The mural was created using a unique numbering method and a combination of mutiple paint techniques and was completed in just 4 days. Take a look at our time lapse of Lionel at work here.


The beautiful mural has already attracted the attention of many visitors to the centre and makes the perfect backdrop to capture those fun-filled summer snaps.


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“After a year which has taught us the importance of the community around us, we’re proud to be unveiling our installation with local artist, Lionel Stanhope in celebration of the vibrancy of Ashford. The artwork will brighten up the centre whilst also showcasing our support for the arts and culture sector. We really look forward to seeing how guests will engage with the artwork and the space during the summer months and beyond!”

Peter Corr, Centre Manager
Art Mural

About - Lionel Stanhope

Originally from Kingston-upon-Thames, Lionel’s artistic career began in his late teens when he experimented with graffiti, leading him today being a well-renowned street artist taking inspiration from London and its surrounding areas. Having previously creating a series of railway bridge murals in celebration of local pride for Network Rail, Lionel Stanhope combines his passion for the region with sign writing and street art throughout his artwork.

Follow more of Lionel Stanhope's work here

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