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Think big, bold and bright this season as psychedelic prints vie with power tailoring and voluminous knits for statement-making looks.

At Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet this season you’ll find a new energy in womenswear as designers draw on eclectic nostalgia and new wave tailoring to bring energy and confidence to our collective wardrobes.


Ted Baker | Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

Ted Baker

Mulberry | Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet


Layers on layers
Play with textures of similar tones for a luxe take on this season’s layering trend.

‘Get knotted’ could be the slogan for knitwear this season because brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ted Baker are wrapping us up in huge full-body knits, oversized scarves, knitted skirts and chunky capes and ponchos for a tactile sense of warmth and protection. Muted earth tones such as tans, browns and warm greys create a cosy autumnal palette, made all the more interesting with flashes textural contrasts in the form of leather bags and gold accessories. Above all, the trend is about luxuriating in wool, one of the most sustainable natural fibres - we think we deserve that this season!



Mint Velvet | Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

Mint Velvet

Tommy Hilfigier | Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

Tommy Hilfiger

Hey soul sister
Find your groove with this season's 70s' soul trend. 

Dial back the time machine to land at a cocktail party in London circa 1975 and you’re halfway to realizing one of the most fun trends of the season. From Ami to Zadig & Voltaire, designers tapped into the 70s soul vibe with a heady mix of pantsuits and man-tailored blazers throwing strong shapes on the dancefloor. With a spirited dose of corduroy fabrics by the likes of Mint Velvet, this trend took all the best bits of 70s tailoring (strong shoulders and lapels so wide you could ski down them) and set them off against more feminine motifs such as culottes, pussy bow blouses and sensual rollnecks. Don’t be shy with the colours either - burnt orange, royal purple and rich green will redefine your autumnal hues.


The Kooples | Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

The Kooples

Reiss | Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet


Bohemian romance
Lose yourself in floaty fabrics and whimsical silhouettes with the season’s latest trend.

We stay in the 60s and 70s for a while longer but go way off campus this time as folksy Bohemia is turned on, tuned in, and shopped out! Flowy dresses by The Kooples set an earth coloured tone punctuated by fringe detailing, contrast belts and cowboy boots. The trend also borrows from Americana motifs, with washed-out denim by Levi's paired with warming shearling and camel-coloured suede. It’s a maximalist approach to textural layers all wrapped up in palette of soft earthy tones.





Back to business
The season’s latest trend is all about preppy style inspired by the classroom. Think back to school, but cool.


This season at Cheshire Oaks is your chance to graduate with an Ivy League degree in fashion as the likes of Marc Jacobs and Emilia Wickstead rewrote the student handbook on preppy styling with midi skirts, striped shirts and Mary Jane shoes implying that butter would melt (we don’t believe it!). Earn your collegiate colours with statement collars, tweed and tartan mischief and ‘too cool for school’ cardigans. Muted camel tones and grey hues are a hit with the goody two shoes, but back-of-the-class rebels will want to look for unexpected pops of bright yellow and blue tones to cause a stir.



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