Most. Fun. Ever.

When it's time for a party, it's time for Build-A-Party!

Everyone remembers a Build-A-Bear Party!

Looking for a fun and unique way to bring your friends' together? Make Build-A-Bear Workshop your celeBEARation destination!

Having a Build-A-Bear party is an exciting opportunity to make memories together. Our Party Leader will entertain and guide your group on a fun-filled adventure where every Guest makes & takes home a furry friend – best party favor ever!

Fun for Every Guest
  • Make & take home a furry friend
  • A Party Leader to guide the adventure (5 or more guests)
  • Party games and fun-filled activities
  • Party hats

Exclusives for the Birthday Girl or Boy
  • A special heart ceremony
  • A light-up cupcake keepsake

Book your party early! Weekend party times fill up fast - in stores, online or call our store party planner today 01773 812223.

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