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Somewhere in every person’s wardrobe there’s an item of clothing - it might be a t-shirt, a pair of jeans or a trusty jacket. You know the one, you've owned it for years, but it just keeps going. You probably wear it too often, but you don’t care. Come rain or shine, good day or bad, you’ll always reach for it. Because it fits perfectly and it feels great - you love the way you look when you've got it on. It’s just you. Now imagine if a company made all its clothes feel like that, right from the moment you first put them on. Clothes that you’re as comfortable in as you are in your own skin. Wouldn't that be great? We are that company. We’re Weird Fish. From our very first T-shirt to the latest season’s line up, we've always done things a bit differently. Swimming against the shoal, you might say. But never just for the sake of it. In exploring the world, seeking new things and thinking freely we've found the individuality that makes every item of Weird Fish clothing look and feel so good… and in doing so allows you to "Wear the Weekend"​ everyday.


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