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Everything starts with the first stone laid.

Maje launched “First Stone” – a sustainable capsule collection of denim. We’re taking our first step, throwing our first stone, to take a more ethical approach towards eco-friendly fashion.

Maje 2021

Our First Stone Campaign

First Stone is our way of making our game-changing commitments and initiatives public. No manifesto - that’s not our style - but a fashion capsule worn and embodied by three modern young women: Nuria, Michaela and Bianca. Three committed women, from all over the globe, spearheading initiatives to protect the environment, and also seeking to make progress, step by step, towards a new way of doing things. Creative, sincere, brilliant, humble and unique, they recall their “first stones” - what gave them the courage to do things differently. And we’d like to encourage you all to start with your first stone.
We are excited to share it with you! Find the collection at Maje Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet.