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The Beard & Sabre cider company is based 15 minutes out of Swindon town centre at Norcote Workshops, Cirencester. Founded on July 20th, 2015 they have thus far produced over 26,000 litres of self-pressed British cider. Their company name symbolises the joining of traditional cidermakers and commercial cidermakers – the pursuit of quality through heritage – and consistency through production technique. Beard & Sabre has an Empire-Era theme as business, trade, innovation and cider are all historically British.

The company is led by an archaeologist and ex-sailor whom learnt the skills needed to produce quality cider through making country wines from foraged ingredients, traditional cidermaking and winemaking are very similar – not at all like brewing as cider is fermented not 'brewed'!

Beard & Sabre currently have a range of five core ciders using apples from North Gloucestershire and South Herefordshire orchards – last season the vintage cider apples Somersets Redstreak & Tremletts Bitter were used from Ledbury, this season Gala are being pressed to create an Eastern-Counties Kentish style cider.

Yardarm is the cider of choice for Wiltshire and Gloucestershire public houses, a 5.5% medium apple cider. Apple Smuggler is a traditional dry cider which is simply unmolested, fermented apple juice. For the more adventurous and in keeping with the times, Beard & Sabre also produce a range of three fruit ciders, Blackbeard (Blackcurrant) Berrymaster (Raspberry) and Dark Raven (Caramel), the latter has proven to be the market-goers favourite. Unlike commercially produced, force carbonated drinks, all of their range is still and has only a subtle hint of fruit rather than the over sweetened and overbearing store bought fruit ciders available in the UK. Beard & Sabre also produce seasonal drinks, such as the naturally carbonated pumpkin cider 'Barbary Corsair' which was pressed using local pumpkin and was available last Autumn in 330ml can form.

Beard & Sabre have been working closely with Cotswold Taste to increase awareness of exceptional products crafted in the Cotswolds. Last year Beard & Sabre picked up a 'Great Taste' star for their bottle conditioned 'Bubbly Shipment' and an 'International Cider Competition' bronze for Apple Smuggler. This year the company is looking forward to working with regional distributors in the Cotswolds and York to increase availability across the country.

If you are interested in finding out more you can find The Beard & Sabre Cider Company at Swindon Farmers Market every Sunday from 1000 – 1600. 


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