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Founded in California in 1968 by Doug Tompkins and Susie Buell, ESPRIT was the world’s first lifestyle brand inspired by the human spirit. But more than a birthplace, California represents the brand’s sensibility: positive, upbeat, and easy-going. Embracing a larger-than-life attitude that is both experimental and pioneering, with a youthful state-of-mind fuelled by creativity and a love of design.

The successes of ESPRIT over the years is due by and large to its original ideals: promoting love and peace, celebrating people, and bringing like-minded folks together to deliver joy to the world. This is the true essence of “ESPRIT de corps.”

ESPRIT is a true hybrid of relevant dressing essentials and fashion-forward styles fit for every occasion and every wardrobe. Conscious and committed, the brand is lauded for its passion for people and the planet. Example: In the mid-80s, ESPRIT made headlines with its “Real People” campaign that featured employees and customers instead of models, and in the early 90s, debuted its first “eCollection” made of 100% organic cotton.

Keeping this spirit alive, ESPRIT today has a presence in more than 30 markets around the world. The Group has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1993, and ESPRIT’s international headquarters is located in Hong Kong.



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