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The global beauty brand The Body Shop is a certified B Corp ™ company and pioneer of the philosophy that business has the power to do good - an ethical attitude that still drives the company today. The Body Shop has around 3,000 stores in over 70 countries around the world. Natura, Aesop, Avon and The Body Shop together form the Natura & Co group, a global cosmetics group that aims to bring about positive economic, social and ecological change.

Together with the entire Natura & Co group of companies, The Body Shop has set itself the goal of becoming completely regenerative by 2030 through the Commitment to Life strategy, which is made up of three pillars:

Pillar 1: Address the climate crisis and protect the Amazon.
To this end, scientifically sound goals are set that cover our own emissions and those of our suppliers. The aim is to achieve the net zero emissions target for the entire group by 2030. Natura started a project back in 2011 that invests in several activities in the Amazon region and contributes to the conservation of 1.8 million hectares of rainforest. Commitment to Life aims to increase that number to 3 million hectares by working with 40 communities.

Pillar 2: Continue to stand up for human rights and be human.
Natura & Co promises to increase the number of women on the executive boards and the higher management levels from 35 to 50 percent by 2023 and to close the “gender pay gap”. The group also strives for a 30 percent inclusion of minorities in management.

Pillar 3: Implement circularity and regeneration in all areas of the company.
In 2019, the Community Fair Trade partnership with Plastics for Change was launched to tackle the plastic crisis differently. The Body Shop uses Community Fair Trade recycled plastic from Bengaluru, India in its packaging, supporting marginalized garbage collectors who work tirelessly to keep the streets of the city clean. The partnership is not only reusing the plastic that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill, but it also gives workers fair pay, access to more hygienic working conditions and the recognition they deserve.

In addition, packaging should be reduced by at least 20% overall by 2030 and all packaging should be 100% recyclable or compostable.

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