From a large abandoned lot to an oasis. This is the dream fulfilled by the Castel Romano Designer Outlet, which purchased the large green area near its car park in 2002, reclaiming and improving all its vital characteristics and biodiversity. This large investment in the environment and the landscape is in line with the sustainability principles of the McArthurGlen Group, and the work was done in close partnership with WWF Italy, which now offers all visitors a wonderful green space where nature can be experienced, learned about and respected.

The WWF Affiliated Oasis of Castel Romano extends for approximately 11 hectares in the Decima-Malafede Nature Reserve. More than 2 km of paths wind inside it where conservation interventions are aimed at protecting the agricultural landscape typical of the Roman countryside, alternating with wooded areas of significant naturalistic interest. The conformation of the Oasis is such as to allow a good diversity of ecosystems, ranging from humid prairie to Mediterranean forest to which are added areas specifically created to increase the presence of pollinator species.

Between the two entrances of the Oasis there are three large clearings, which constitute the plateaus of the park, with different characteristics: the first as an area with a recreational vocation within a spontaneous naturalistic context; the second, that of the humid meadows and the aquatic gardens with the labyrinth of honey plants and the observatory, the third without interventions in compliance with the natural and spontaneous cycles, here no management and maintenance actions are foreseen unless necessarily linked to the possible fire danger.

It's just one more reason to visit the McArthurGlen Castel Romano Designer Outlet at a slower pace, combining time spent shopping with time spent discovering the environment and its wonderful, must-protect resources. Keep in mind to follow always the yellow path.


11 hectares of land open to the public

1,500 meters of wooded trails

1,000 meters of stabilized paths that can be used by all

5,000 new shrubs planted

2,000 m2: the size of the maze of honey plants

2,000 m2: the size of the playground

1200 m2: the size of the pond

3 picnic areas

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