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Women’s sportswear has never been so dynamic. The athleisure trend continues unabated, but with a sharp focus on retro-inspired, multifunctional pieces that blur the line between gym kit and street wear. Colour blocking is all over our social feeds – try it out in contemporary hues to bring the look bang up to date. Find head-to-toe neutrals, neon brights and blackout total looks in store now. The fashion world has renewed its love affair with the logo. Be prepared to embrace matching tracksuits and cap-to-trainer co-ords celebrating the brands you love. Finally, new fabric technologies are coming together with cutting edge design in a new gen wave of gimmick-free, high performance wear. Confused? Don’t sweat it. Whether you are a seasoned gym bunny, a yoga goddess or just like to prioritise comfort and style, our how-to guide will help you get ready to shop the latest womenswear trends at <OUTLET>.

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Push harder in high performance wear that really works


We’re demanding more from our sportswear than ever before. Brands are tapping into new tech to meet those needs, without skimping on style. But this isn’t about gimmicks and flashiness. Taking their lead from the catwalk, labels are pushing fabrics in new ways, with a focus on sustainable, functional designs that will stand the test of time. Innovative sweat-wicking materials and muscle compression technology can be found in wardrobe essentials from <BRAND>, <BRAND> and <BRAND> , to help you get the most out of your gym session. Want to test out the latest body reactive, climate controlled gym-wear? Try <BRAND>. We love the latest high-tech sports bras, yoga trousers and responsive-cushioned chunky trainers that deliver on performance as well as style. Shop the new arrivals in store, where we’ve curated cutting-edge women’s performance wear, with savings of up to <xx>%.


On trend

90s nostalgia continues apace


Why buy two outfits when one can serve your needs both at the gym and the shops? Multi-functionality and versatility are again the buzzwords when it comes to sportswear this season, but now with an added retro twist. With a shout out to the 90s, tracksuits and chunky trainers are back, combining comfort and style while keeping you bang on trend no matter where you wear them. Not sure where to start? Try a patterned legging from <BRAND> or zip-up jersey sports top from <BRAND>. They will soon become the wardrobe essentials you don’t know how you lived without. PS don’t be afraid of the ugly trainer, this look is here to stay. Pair with loose knit cashmere trousers or lycra cycling shorts to up wearability and stay on the right side of the trend. Shop the brands nailing athleisure at <OUTLET> now, with special offers of up to <xx>% to get you started.


Colour blocking

Turn heads in the mono-hued looks of the season

Sportswear is a chance to rip up the fashion rule book and have a little fun. Nowhere is this more true than with the trend for dressing head-to-toe in a single shade. <OUTLET> has all your colour blocking needs covered, with offers of up to <xx>% on all the hottest trends. Go to the dark side with blackout: black co-ord pieces are easy to mix and match with coloured styles when you want to change the look. Layer them up or leave skin exposed with a crop-top to soften the vibe. For a more neutral take on colour blocking opt for matching pastel tones. Several sportswear brands including <BRAND and <BRAND> are taking their cue from the ready-to-wear collections, with new gym-ready styles in shades of lilac, peach and ice blue. Finally why not really make a statement in full look neon?


Brand Fan

Logos are a go go for the new year

Attention brand fans: proudly wearing one designer, head to toe, is now officially OK. The fashion world is in a 90s revival fever, and sportswear is no exception. Right on cue, Heritage brands like <BRAND> and <BRAND> have relaunched their old classics, so you can try the one-brand-all-over look with a vintage twist, meanwhile new sportswear brands like <BRAND> and <BRAND> are interpreting the look into fresh new wardrobe essentials. So next time you hit the gym, why not sport the monogrammed cap, the top, the tracks and the trainers? If you’re game, add oversized logos, to really embrace this trend. Head down to <OUTLET> to find all the inspo you need to work the mono-brand aesthetic, with discounts of up to xx>%.  Why not work the trend with a pair of heels, for an effortless statement that scores high on comfort and style.

just watch me go

discover designer activewear for up to 70% less

Now that you’ve de-coded the latest sportswear trends, seek out your own take on the looks at <OUTLET>. Shop great offers on high-tech performance wear, athleisure staples, colour block co-ords and head-to-toe looks from your favourite brands, all under one roof.

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