The Vegan Edit

Small choices, big change

From plant-based goodies and protein-rich fare to dishes that help us look after the world in more ways than one - here's what to order to keep you feeling good this season.

Wagamama - Tofu Raisukaree

Wagamama ring in the new year by launching their most ambitious vegan menu to date. Dishes so drool worthy, they will tempt even the most uncompromising meat loving wagamama fans.

They welcome to the bench their new vegan sticky 'ribs'. Soft + smoky with that melt in the mouth meaty realness. Made with delicately grilled caramelised seitan + mushrooms, garnished with shredded spring onions and sesame seeds these are sure to turn your head this January.

And that's not all. Two wagamama classics have also gone plant based. The tofu firecracker + tofu raisukaree are available on Deliveroo and click + collect. The tofu raisukaree , mild and coconutty and the tofu firecracker, bold and fiery, are sure to nourish your body and soul. These two make it easy to swap your go to for tofu this veganuary.

Wagamama are open for delivery and click + collect so you can still get your wagamama fix
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