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Scalpers was born in 2007 in Spain as a male brand. Since 2012 the brand established it’s own boy line. Now, a year after launching woman in september 2018, Scalpers launches it’s first girl collection. This path has helped the sevillian brand become one of the fastest growing spanish companies in the fashion business.

The brand is distinguished by it’s rebellion spirit, which is obiviously represented in it’s logo: the skull, which somehow symbolizes that mood of doing things differently.

Today, after 11 years in the fashion industry, Scalpers is established as a strong company and has more than 200 stores and shops in shops in more than 10 markets.

The brand lives the most thrilling moment so far and is constantly working hard to look for the perfect partners in crime among clients who already have the man, woman and kids collections avaiblable to shop.

Virtual Shopping
Prefer to shop from the comfort of your home? Scalpers is pleased to offer you an exclusive virtual shopping experience. Your private online consultation will include a tour of the latest arrivals and personalized styling advice, plus any purchases will be made securely and shipped directly to you. To reserve your virtual shopping appointment, please contact the Scalpers store team at +34 952 118 952 or via email:

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