Planning a high-energy adventure? Then you’ll need high-performance kit that has the style credentials to match. We’ve got just the things...

For the adrenaline junkies among you, a good holiday doesn’t get started until your heart rate hits 180bpm, so this curation of high-performance activewear is for you. Your pre-breakfast runs will go a lot smoother with lightweight runners by [brand] and headphones by [brand], while this season’s must-have sports eyewear by [brand] will keep you focused on the finish line.

Whether you’re committing to a week of intense yoga, or plan on hiking your way to greatness, then bold activewear by the likes of [brand] and [brand] is motivation itself! On-trend athletic sunglasses by [brand] are a must for eye protection, while a pair of bold lightweight runner’s by [brand] will keep you on track to achieving new holiday heights.

When is a holiday with children not active?! If you have little ones with big energy, then the activewear pieces by the likes of [brand] and [brand] will ensure they are cute and comfortable in equal measure. Make sure they stay hydrated with a cool water bottle, and protect their faces from the sun with stunning hats and caps by [brand] and [brand].


Active holidays require luggage that can keep up the pace so it’s vital to choose lightweight functional styles. Technical rucksacks by [brand] and [brand] have ample space for your kit, as well as the style points to match, while small cross-body bags by [brand] and [brand] blend form and function for when you’re adventuring or casually day-tripping.

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