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bruno banani is the first German designer brand that has the courage to be different, uncompromisingly goes against every norm and polarizes precisely with this. Again and again it surprises with novel, seductive and high-quality designs and clearly says: Not for everybody! bruno banani stands with this statement for high quality and workmanship and special, striking cuts and designs. bruno banani constantly restages itself with a wink and distinguishes itself from other brands through collections with strong character. Each piece reflects the casual, unconventional nature and coolness of the wearer.

No simple trend-collecting, but genuine contemporary styling. bruno banani goes further than others: The collection stands for a special material benefit, a special processing quality, a special design.
The brand's uncompromising standards are reflected in every piece of the collection. They have character. Exude charm. Glow with eroticism or cool nonchalance like their wearers. bruno banani convinces with innovations, a high trend speed and an attractive price policy.

Bruno Banani

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The outlet is located directly on the B5. From Berlin, we can be reached by car in just 30 minutes.

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