Nest boxes

Nesting boxes
To provide a protective home for our native bird species, we have installed more than 20 bird nesting boxes in the trees near our picnic area. Our nesting boxes provide shelter for the birds in winter and as a breeding place in spring.

Bee-friendly planting
We have adapted our planting to be bee-friendly and would like to fulfill the following points:

Improve efficiency in maintenance requirements
Reducing the need for irrigation and therefore water consumption
Supporting local communities through local sourcing and suppliers
Regional habitat and biodiversity promotion
Focus on seasonality and evergreen planting to reduce the number of seasonal changes

Discover our bee-friendly planting in the center.
Too Good To Go

Too good to go
Nordsee, Starbucks and Dean & David have joined the Too Good To Go initiative and offer unpackaged, high-quality goods at a cheaper price at the end of the day.
This is how it works: You download the “too good to go” app, look for our caterers and reserve your food, which can be snacks or surprise bags. A fixed pickup time will be agreed.
Upcycling POS

Upcycling cosmetic bags
In the Designer Outlet Berlin you will find a variety of advertising materials. In order to use them sustainably, we had small cosmetic bags made. The upcycled bags are unique and each example is unique.
The cosmetic bags can be purchased from our Guest Services. The proceeds will be donated to the “Elisabeth-Stift” children’s home.

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