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Are you ready to live a unique adventure? At #CastelRomanoOutlet come the maxi installations of 3 of the most spectacular dinosaurs in history: the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Italian sauropod "Tito" and the small but fearsome predator Saltriovenator Zanellai. Make your shopping adventurous! Visit the 11 hectares of nature of the Affiliated Oasis of Castel Romano, come and meet our dinosaurs and take many souvenir photos to share @castelromanooutlet! Your post could be posted on our Instagram and Facebook channels.

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Until September 1st, discover the dinosaurs of the Castel Romano Affiliated Oasis!

Made of fiberglass, the models on display in the Oasis represent three species of famous dinosaurs. The absolute star is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which lived about 68 million years ago, 5 meters tall by 10 meters long, a carnivorous predator with exceptional eyesight, known for its jaws (today comparable only to those of the alligator) more than for its claws.

The more peaceful Tito, – which we all remember in the Flintstones as a pet – is a specimen found in the Prenestini mountains, quadruped and herbivorous, 1.8 meters tall x 6 meters long.

 The third dinosaur is the Saltriovenator (from Saltrio, a town in the Varese area where the only specimen was found in 1996 and venator, hunter): a carnivorous predator of the theropod family, 2.5 m x 7.5 m long.

Visitors can visit the Affiliated Oasis of Castel Romano and meet the dinosaurs every day from 9 a.m. to sunset. Every Saturday and Sunday until 14th July it is possible to book free visits to the Oasis and educational workshops by WWF Italy guides.

Dinosaurs themed special workshops during weekends! 

Info at oasi.castelromano@mcarthurglen.com

Guided tours bookigs here.


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