Evolve is our sustainability programme made up of six focus areas that will enable us to become an increasingly more sustainable business.
Our ambitious strategy sets out to drive real change, based on a three-pillar approach which will: minimise our negative impact on the planet, maximise our positive impact in the communities where we operate and embed sustainability into every aspect of our business. Find out more about our action areas and principles below.


Advancing towards a more sustainable future


Our Impact

Protecting the planet

We are committed to protecting the planet and our environment, striving to create an extraordinary world for us to live in now and for future generations.


Climate Action

Dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions in support of our 2040 Net Zero ambitions, implementing renewable energy opportunities and protecting the natural world. 

Our principles:

  • Target Net Zero by 2040
  • Reduce energy demand
  • Increase on-site renewables
  • Increase biodiversity

Conscious Consumption

Responsibly managing our use of resources and materials to reduce waste in all areas of our business. Where possible, contributing to the circular economy and encouraging our guests to do the same.


Our principles:

  • Water management
  • Reduce waste streams
  • Facilitate clothes recycling & reuse

Our Communities

Championing better lives

We aspire to champion better lives, supporting those around us and providing extraordinary opportunities for people we engage with.


Our People

Investing in our people by nurturing an internal culture that celebrates our differences, creating a positive work environment that is considerate of the pressures of everyday life and supports all employees as individuals.

Our principles:

  • Promote an inclusive culture
  • Advance equality and diversity
  • Promote wellbeing for all

Our Centres and Hubs
Recognising our responsibility to support the communities in which we operate, promoting economic growth and working with charitable organisations and diverse small businesses to further the wellbeing of our local areas.

Our principles:

  • Partner with our local communities
  • Provide opportunities for volunteering
  • Create rewarding careers

Our Foundations

Embedding sustainability

The steps we are taking to embed sustainability across our business and value chain to inspire and drive more sustainable practices together with all our stakeholders.


Purpose-led Partnerships
Ensuring all our partners across our value chain are aligned with our sustainability goals and are committed to working with us to achieve them.

Our principle:

  • Collaboration and alignment with our brand partners and supply chain

Responsible Business

Embedding responsible practices into our business strategy across all levels and functions in the company and remaining accountable to all our stakeholders.

Our principles:

  • Transparent compliance and policies
  • Clear accountability
  • Embed safety and security

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on our sustainability actions.

Want to find out more about our Evolve programme’s Sustainability initiatives? Please reach out to our Sustainability team with any questions or ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.   

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