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Like changing your wardrobe from summer to winter. Just like we would reach for our winter knits and thermal layers; we need to do the same for our skincare. Here's 5 of the best products you need in your routine.

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Is your skin going through the winter blues?  Are you seeing dryness, flakiness or even redness on your skin? You’re not alone - it’s common to see our skin concerns shift as humidity levels tend to drop off in the autumn and winter months. The drier the air, the more moisture it sucks from your skin, so you're more likely to experience dryness and flakiness during the colder months of the year, especially if you're prone to eczema or other dry skin conditions.

Think of it like changing your wardrobe from summer to winter.  Just like we would reach for our winter knits and thermal layers; we need to do the same for our skincare. Focus on replenishing your thirsty skin with oils, rich balms and nourishing masks that will show your skin who’s boss during these colder months.

Whether you choose to brave the elements or decide to hibernate in the warmth, the below products will keep your skin in check all winter long:


Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

Clinique - Take the Day Off Balm

Normally we lose much needed hydration from foaming cleansers due to sulphate ingredients which can strip the skin of its much-needed hydration. Instead, reach for transformative balms or oil cleansers like the Clinique Take the Day off Balm. This uniquely textured face and eye makeup remover transforms from a solid balm to an oil for gentle, yet effective, removal of even the toughest makeup. Safflower Seed Oil ensures a deeper cleanse whilst replenishing lost moisture in the skin.

Bobbi Brown 

Hydrating Face Tonic

Bobbi Brown - Hydrating Face Tonic

Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Face Tonic will replenish any lost moisture when applied immediately after cleansing. This skin-conditioning tonic begins to restore and balance skin, leaving it soft, soothed and perfectly prepared for the treatment products to follow. Made with their signature Enriched Mineral Water Blend, plus cucumber, chamomile, liquorice, aloe Leaf and lavender your skin will feel instantly soothed.


Intral Soothing Serum


If you’re experiencing sensitivity, redness and irritation - try Darphin’s Intral serum. The skin soothing and smoothing chamomile and hawthorne extract will wrap the skin in a comforting blanket whilst working away at eliminating the appearance of redness and irritation. This serum also works at repairing and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier and detoxes sensitive skin from pollution.

Estee Lauder

Revitalizing Supreme+ Anti-Ageing Cream


If you do one thing this winter, ensure you keep your skin hydrated by feeding your moisture barrier with rich hydrating textures. Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ is a high-performance multi-benefit formula, featuring Moringa Extract. This extract significantly reduces the look of multiple signs of aging—dullness, dehydration, lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. A moisturiser that does 4 things at once…count us in!  

Estee Lauder

Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex


Normally during the winter months, we lose moisture from around our eyes - the skin here is much thinner meaning they're prone to wrinkles and dark circles. So, get bright eyed and bushy tailed by using the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex, a potent eye treatment that targets signs of ageing and fatigue around the delicate eye area.

Specially formulated to tackle the visible impact of lack of sleep, UV rays, pollution and blue light, the lightweight gel-cream texture absorbs quickly, delivering brightening and hydrating properties to leave skin feeling soft, silky, radiant and revived. The supercharged eye cream with 10 x Concentrated Repair Technology helps to reduce the look of puffy eyes, lines and dryness while brightening the look of dark circles in just three weeks (in addition to 24-hour hydration through a potent hydration booster that contains Hyaluronic Acid. Yep, it's a miracle worker).

Written by:
Christie Harrington-Johnson
Retail Experience Executive, The Cosmetics Company Store
Estee Lauder Companies

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