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One story begins in Cyprus in the late 1960's and the other in England in the 1980's. Despite the distance and time that separates these stories, both were exposed to the importance and influence of food. To grow up in a Greek Cypriot household, whether born in Cyprus or England, meant to be well fed, as food was everywhere and it was everything.

Food was an art, a passion, a passtime, a competition of comparison between friends and family. Although eating all the delicious food was amazing, the most important and gratifying part was the cooking. Having a household centred around eating and feeding large amounts of people meant that everyone had to play their part, but it was always a pleasure to help. 

Getting to use traditional Greek ingredients and make the dishes of our heritage meant a lot so we wanted to keep that standard of quality and familiarity by using products that are authentically Greek and Cypriot. Whether it's our flatbreads from Athens, oregano and olive oil from Crete or our black and green olives from Kalamata and Halkidiki, we take pride in knowing that every first bite you take is the same first bite we took as children. 

Although it's the two of us that now run Kouzina it would be nothing without the women behind the scenes who have taught us to make the food we cook today. Both of our mothers, Mum Daphney and Mum Christina, and our Grandmothers, were our biggest inspirations and we still to this day use their recipes. In all of our memories of home growing up, we were constantly surrounded by these same recipes all of which were made with love.

For any event, regardless of its size or importance, a huge feast wouldn't be far behind. Tables filled with Souvla, Moussaka, Pasticho, Stifado, Dolmades etc. Food is our way of celebrating life, from the care taken in the cooking to the immeasurable pleasure of feeding another, we pride ourselves on doing it right.

We poured all of our life experience and love into Kouzina because we want to share our passion and happy memories with you. Enjoy...!