Living Legends

Nothing says classic cool like a pair of Levi’s®

Denim is a rare beast in the fashion world. It’s a ‘bread and butter’ wardrobe foundation, yet it pretty much always stars on the international runways, in one form or another. It’s a failsafe style go-to and has been since the 1950s when stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean wore jeans to star in cult films The Wild One and Rebel Without a Cause. Yet, these very films are also what turned denim into a symbol of rebelliousness, counter culture and that oh-so-emulated ‘too cool to care’ brand of nonchalance. In other words, highly desirable. More than seventy years later, denim still has the same effect. Regardless of age or gender, denim clads the wearer in a cloud of cool. Or at least Levi’s® denim does. No wonder it’s arguably the most legendary jeans brand to come out of America.


Live In Levi's®

There’s a reason we love to #liveinlevis. From the cult classic 501s - legendary at any length whether Original, cropped or cut-offs - to classic cotton tees, trucker jackets, ribcage skirts and easy-to-wear dungarees: Nothing looks cooler. Blame the superior denim quality and the brand’s rich heritage of on-trend designs that have stood the test of time. Or just check out Levi's® latest line up at McArthurGlen and see for yourself.

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