A greener future

Our actions for a more sustainable future.

At McArthurGlen, we know we have a responsibility to protect our planet and support our local communities. We are committed to limiting the impact of our activities on the environment and to maximising our positive contributions to the communities in which we operate. The opening of McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Paris-Giverny will provide an opportunity for us to continue our work to establish a sustainable shopping experience.

McArthurGlen Paris-Giverny

Preserving our environment

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Paris-Giverny has been designed and built to an excellent HQE (High Environmental Quality) standard. This certification, issued by the French organisation CERTIVEA – a leader in the certification and categorisation of tertiary buildings, infrastructures and land development – guarantees the construction and sustainable operation of our centre, assessed across four key areas: eco-construction, eco-design, comfort and health.

More than 100 tonnes of site waste will be recovered monthly


Our objective has always been to limit the project’s visual impact by sensitively integrating the development into the surrounding environment. This has been made possible thanks to a compact, modern and sustainable architecture style designed by our Parisian architects, Arte Charpentier.

- McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Paris-Giverny is built on just 35% of the site’s 10 hectares, leaving the remaining 65% free of any construction and protecting vegetation and flowers. This limits soil sealing and preserves existing water flow lines and ecological corridors.
- Located along the A13 motorway, the centre has a minimal visual impact on the landscape and blends into the environment around the site, in particular making use of 20,000 sq m of living roofs.
- Underground parking facilities with 1,080 spaces, as well as an outdoor electric car park with 120 spaces lined with trees and vegetation, will also ensure a limited visual impact on the environment.

20,000 sq m of living roofs
434 trees planted
7,269 sq m of shrubs and perennials
53,111 sq m of grassland

Patrick Blanc

Future visitors to McArthurGlen Paris-Giverny will also discover large green walls and numerous green spaces. For the realisation of these living walls, we have once again partnered with the French botanist Patrick Blanc, a true world expert in this field who has already brought the beautiful plant wall at our McArthurGlen Provence centre to life.

The different plants that will form the green walls at McArthurGlen Paris-Giverny will be carefully selected and raised in the nursery by the British company, Biotecture, which also created the living wall at our Ashford centre in Kent, in the UK. In addition, 90% of the earth dug during the construction of the project will be reused in the multiple green spaces of the site, or for the maintenance of the green outdoor spaces.

Our 20,000 sq m living roofs will filter 60% of rainwater


The challenge of eco-design and environmental management of resources

Optimising the consumption of energy is one of our main concerns with the opening of McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Paris-Giverny. To limit energy losses in the centre, including water and electricity consumption, we are using bio-climatic technology to achieve effective environmental management of resources. The centre has been designed to take full advantage of its location thanks to strategic architectural choices which reduce the need for heat, air conditioning and lighting.

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Paris-Giverny will achieve considerable energy savings.

- The lighting of the centre will be provided exclusively by LED bulbs to reduce energy consumption and heat production.
- Low-consumption toilet flushes, taps and showers will allow significant drinking water savings to be made with consumption approximately 30% lower than the average for similar buildings.
- A rainwater collection system will also be used to maintain the green spaces.
- We have also chosen high-performance insulating materials for optimal thermal and sound insulation.
The centre's energy needs will be met predominantly through the use of renewable energy from biomass, and in particular local wood, which will be our main source of heating. High-performance air and water heating pumps, installed in each store, will be connected to a temperate water loop, heated by a wood-fired boiler or cooled by a dry-cooling system, in order to limit energy consumption for heating and ventilation. 80% of the thermal needs for one year will be covered by the use of biomass, which produces very little CO2.

We will achieve a reduction in gas consumption of approximately 1.8GW/h thanks to biomass, the equivalent of heating 150 individual houses

As in each of our designer outlets, a waste sorting and recovery program has been implemented with an objective of at least 65% recycled waste. Sorting bins will be available to visitors as well as stores so that everyone can manage this process themselves. As part of the HQE certification, stores will also be required to follow certain procedures such installing LED lighting for fit-outs, an energy consumption control system, the reduction of water consumption, the use of materials with low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and the implementation of an odour reduction system for restaurants.

At least 65% of waste is recycled each month thanks to our dedicated teams. More than 40 tonnes of waste will be recycled monthly.


An inclusive centre that brings opportunities

Our desire to be fully integrated with the local territory encompasses the promotion of employment, through the creation of approximately 700 jobs that will contribute to the economic growth of the region. With the support of Pôle Emploi, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and local authorities, McArthurGlen has supported training opportunities offered to future candidates. Several job fairs will be organised in November 2022 and February 2023 to directly meet candidates interested in the job opportunities available at the centre. An initial employment forum took place in November 2021, bringing together more than 300 people and allowing us to present the centre and the various positions and training available to them; proof of the impact of the project on the region and its inhabitants.

Beyond professional opportunities, it is important that McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Paris-Giverny is an accessible and inclusive centre.

- Everything is being done to welcome our disabled customers and ensure we can offer them a seamless shopping experience.
- A shuttle bus will connect Vernon-Giverny train station to our centre.
- The centre will also be linked to downtown Vernon by a cycle path integrated into the “Seine à Vélo” tourist route.
- Sheltered bicycle parking with battery charging ports will be available to our guests and employees.
- In addition to our car park of 1,080 spaces plus our 120 spaces for electric vehicles, there will be several car parks for motorbikes, offering a practical solution for everyone visiting us.

Finally, on site, our visitors will receive a warm welcome and benefit from high-quality services which are an intrinsic part of McArthurGlen designer outlet DNA. McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Paris-Giverny, therefore, promises a memorable experience to everyone.

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