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Add to your travel itinerary the favorite shopping destination in Europe

Bring your group to McArthurGlen Designer Outlets and enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits!

Whether you're including a shopping trip in your travel package, or planning an event for your clients, our outlets are the perfect place to host your group.

Group Bookings

Benefits of Booking a Group Visit

Exclusive discounts:
All members of your group will receive an exclusive discount on their purchases at selected stores.

Personalized service: Our group bookings team will work with you to plan your visit and ensure that your group has a memorable experience.

Dedicated sales support: Our sales team can help you promote your group visit and provide you with marketing materials.

Special services: Your group may be eligible for special amenities, such as VIP parking, lounge, and other premium services.

Excursion Support: Dedicated bus parking, and food vouchers for the tour guide and bus driver.

Booking Instructions

To book your group visit, please complete the following steps:

1. Become a partner to have access to our booking tool.

Visit our group bookings page and select the outlet that you would like to visit.

3. Complete the group booking form with the following information:

- Date of your visit (at least 72 hours in advance.)

- Number of people in your group (at least 10 people.)

- Type of group (e.g., family, friends, corporate)

- Any special requests

Click the "Submit" button and our team will contact you to confirm your booking.

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